What Cameron Crowe learned from David Bowie after spending six months with him



PASADENA, California — Cameron Crowe’s first meeting with David Bowie was a stroke of pure luck if there ever was one

He was a young writer on assignment when he first mentioned to the musicians he was profiling — friends of Bowie — that he wanted to interview the singer himself. They promised they’d relay the message

Some time later, sitting in his bedroom, his phone rang. It was Bowie calling from a train. He’d be in Los Angeles in a few days, he told Crowe, and was game to be interviewed when he arrived in the city

“I was ready for it to be over at that point,” the Almost Famous writer-director recalled to reporters Tuesday, speaking on a panel for his upcoming Showtime series Roadies, about a traveling rock band crew, “but sure enough when he got to Los Angeles, and he called me and said, ‘Come up here. I’m staying at this house. Let’s meet and let’s spend some time together.’ And I spent six months straight with David Bowie at that time.” Read more…

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