The Best-Effective Natural Sleep Aid Available Over-The-Counter


This is a follow-up post to one from last week. So the other day (well, last month, really) I was looking for an effective natural sleep aid that was safe, and which didn’t use artificial sources of melatonin, and I stumbled across this little gem on Amazon: Berry Sleepy.

The premise of it is that using a blend of 3 or 4 specific fruits (Tart Cherries, Gogi Berries and Passion Fruit are the ones I recall, there might be a 4th), to make a potent and relaxing cocktail of fruits that helps you drift off to sleep quickly and stay asleep.

Does Berry Sleepy Work As A Natural Herbal Sleep Aid?

As an over the counter sleep aid, I’ve definitely used far worse, and also far more powerful (but sheer power alone isn’t always a good thing in a sleep aid). Herbal sleep aids are not narcotics, and nor do I want them to be.  They are designed to aid the body in doing what it’s designed to do, not strong-arm the body into doing what you want (or need) it to do.  They are always more mellow and mild than other pharmacological substances.

As an herbal supplement, Berry Sleepy works, and works well.  It didn’t knock me on my butt, and that’s a GOOD thing.  If I wanted to be knocked on my butt, I could just down some Tequila.  But it did make me drowsy and it did promote rest.  When using it, I did feel more relaxed and as though I fell asleep more quickly, and when I woke up, I felt a general sense of what I can only describe as “mellow calm” – I never felt the “hungover” effect in the morning!

Is it the Best Natural Sleep Aid For Men (or Women, Or Teenagers?)

I’m inclined to say “Yes.”  There’s always a fear of the placebo effect, but if it is working in this case, it’s working VERY consistently.  And there are a number of research studies backing up the use of these fruits, amongst others, when it comes to promoting sleep.

VERDICT: Try it.

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