Which drugs people talk about at the 15 hottest music festivals



Think music festival and visions of mushrooms dance in your head

It’s far from shocking that some festival goers boost their musical experiences with substances. Drug emergencies even disrupt some events, such as New York’s 2013 Electric Zoo, which was shut down early after two attendees died from overdoses.

The substance and addiction resource Drugabuse.com analyzed Instagram posts to find out which drugs people mentioned the most when referring to their favorite music festival. Over 3 million posts were analyzed

For starters, the most Instagrammed music festival turned out to be Electric Daisy Carnival. Not surprisingly, EDC had the most posts mentioning substance abuse, too — over 40,000. And out of all the substance-related posts for Marley Fest, 82% included mentions of marijuana. MDMA was the most popular for EDC and Ultra, and cocaine for Coachella. And the before-mentioned Burning Man sees quite a bit of DMT. Read more…

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